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The Hammock School of Literary Criticism

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sorbonne's self-actualization [Dec. 20th, 2003|03:43 pm]
The Hammock School of Literary Criticism

As I was reading this post in my hammock, I was awed by the exercise of self-actualization. Let us observe.

me too

This pronoun denotes an individuality. But with the "too", a there is a plea to become two. He no longer is merely concerned with being the sum of one, but he wants to join with another consciousness. He wants to assent to an agreement -- a furthering of consciousness, if you will. sorbonne hopes to enter into a paradox.

it's like

This simile makes me smile. The comparison of an abstraction to a concrete object is ironic. Can an "it" like anything? It is the readers job to adress the question of personification.


This is a contration of "I am" -- a statement of being. Is sorbonne trying to suggest that existence is a contraction? Or is he implying that we are less than the divine "I AM"? Perhaps he is suggensting that, by living in a temporal reality, we are a less-than-existence.

in the love desert

In the love desert, we are without dessert. But, more specifically, by being in the love desert, we are not in the love rainforest. What is safer? In the love rainforest, we may catch love malaria by the love mosquitoes. Worse yet, we may be poisioned by some of the love plants. In the love desert, the problem is that we may die of love thirst.


sorbonne is trying to suggest that our times are outside the brackets.
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The affirmative of being [Dec. 16th, 2003|01:22 am]
The Hammock School of Literary Criticism

As I was reading this post in my hammock, I was stricken by the blithe quality of expression inherent in this body of work. Soon, I fell in lust with it. Let us examine:


Do you see the affimation observing_ego begins by saying? It's as though he is touching upon an existential crisis. He wants a point of contact whereby he and I have a commonality, but he is not sure if he can take "the leap of faith". You can almost sense a hope in his voice, a desperation for some sort of collective experience. And so, the reader is forced to ask himself, "Wherefore?"


Here observing_ego reflects the Judeo-Christian ethic of thanksgiving. His appreciation reflects a certain salvific value: a graciousness unto being freed from the chains of egoism.

However, I cannot help but note that it has been two weeks since American thanksgiving, and two months since Canadian thanksgiving. So I am forced to ask myself, "Is observing_ego attempting to show me that, despite the time differences between Thanksgivings, it is the celebration of Thanksgiving that is more important?"

The answer is found in the word contained within "thanks" itself: "ha". Thankfulness, says observing_ego, is about joviality. If one cannot laugh in the act of thankfulness, is it really thankfulness? The answer is a resounding "No!" To utter thanks is to also laugh.

If you hadn't written that reply i would have never known.

This sentence is a Gnostic hymn. observing_ego is uttering the praises of knowledge, and the esoteric qualities thereof. He seeks a transcendence that comes from beyond his existence. Note the eagerness to go beyond the self. And it all starts first with thankfullness.

Note the gaping space. observing_ego is telling us that without self-acutalization, there can be no "beyond". Let us be silent and know that we are human.

*sarcastic dance*

This primitive dance is an act of communication that goes beyond the scale of utterances. He seeks to express that which is wholly human, yet wholly incommunicable. observing_ego is practicing a coherence-incoherence synthesis of being. We are the existence/essence of humanity. We are the "sarcastic dance".

[You're annoying.

And here comes the crisis. An attempt to go beyond the self and reach unto that which is truly human: annoyance. It is annoyance that is the universal experience: the syngress of consciousness. Like needles in eyeballs, we all experience a "something or other" that defies description. Some call it the problem of pain; others state that it is of evil.

You know that right?]

He asks if we know "that". Indeed, I know that I am being; and that I was being. And yet, what is "that"? The answer is within the question: it is "ha!" and it is "right". And this rightness can only be found through the querying of others.

This was a marvelous work indeed. Beautiful beyond description. observing_ego should be applauded.
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Welcome! [Dec. 15th, 2003|01:24 pm]
The Hammock School of Literary Criticism

As I was reading this post in my hammock, I was stricken with an epiphany! "Hark!" quoth I, "There needs to be an LJ community that appreciates the anti-anti-perfection ineptitute of literary works on LiveJournal!"

And so I said, "Let there be hammock_school!" And behold, it was created.
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