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The Hammock School of Literary Criticism

An Online Journal for the Artistically Inebriated Avant-Garde

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The Hammock School of Literary Criticism exists under the principle that literature can only be appreciated for its shortcomings. No piece of literature has ever been perfect, and thus, perfection should not be a goal one should strive for. We, at the Hammock School, not only appreciate artistic deficiency, we encourage it.

As LiveJournal is a bastion of verbal crimes, the Hammock School has created this journal so as to laud and cheer those who are developing classic literature-in-progress.

With that said, here are some rules:

1) All posts must be introduced with the phrase, "As I was reading this post in my hammock..."
2) All members must subscibe to the ideal of literary imperfection.
3) You will acknowledge ricochet_rabbit as your benevolent editor-in-chief, inspirational guru, and friendly dictator.